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The Terms & Conditions.

This Web Site is supplied by the Company JIT innovation technology as a sole proprietor of Naf Magazine.
The use of this Web Site is submitted to the Terms and Conditions for the Use of the Web Site (“User’s Contract”). Please read carefully
the User’s Contract and the other information reported or linked in the User’s Contract. Make sure you
understand the content, because this is a binding contract in compliance with law regulations and it includes
relevant information about our Web Site and the authorisation to use it. Occasionally, we can modify
unilaterally the User’s Contract, for this reason it is important to read the User’s Contract whenever this Web
Site is used.
Using the Web Site, you acknowledge having read the following terms of this Contract and agree to be
bound by all the terms and conditions stated herein. If you do not wish to accept all the terms of this User’s
Contract, you are not allowed to use this Web Site.
1. Right to use this Web Site.
JIT innovation Technology’ grants the user a limited non-exclusive and revocable licence for the use
of this Web Site for information and communication purposes according to all the terms of this User’s
Contract. This Web Site contains material and other articles concerning JIT innovation technology’, its
products and services, beside other similar articles belonging to its business partners, licensors and licensees
as well as third parties (collectively, referred to as the “Content”). The “Content” consists of information, text,
data, images, graphics, registered and non- registered trademarks, illustrations, pictures, drawings, video and
software or takes the shape of something unknown at the moment or invented in the future. Using this Web
Site you acknowledge the obligation to respect the intellectual property of JIT innovation technology’ and
others as explained hereafter. The non-authorised use of the “Content” can infringe on law regulations about
copyright, trademarks, privacy, advertising, communication and else. Such non-authorised use can burden
the user with personal responsibility, including criminal liability.
2. Copyright
You acknowledge that the “Content” is protected by copyright and that JIT innovation technology’ has
proprietary rights or owns, or possesses all the necessary licenses to use it on the Web Site.
Except for the cases mentioned in this User’s Contract or in the text of this Web Site, you may not reproduce,
distribute, publish, broadcast, modify, adapt, translate, display, sell, give a licence for, perform in public,
create works inspired from or based on the “Content”. Nor use or exploit the “Content” in any way.
Notwithstanding this, you may download a single copy of portions of the “Content” in the personal computer
temporary memory, provided that copyright, trademark or other proprietary notices are not removed or
modified. Such limited right does not assign the user any proprietary right whatsoever on any portion of the
“Content”. Excepted for what stated herein so far, no element of this User’s Contract can be interpreted as
the granting to the user (by implication, impediment or else) of any licence or right on any portion of the
“Content”, according to copyrights or other rights on intellectual property.
JIT Innovation technology’ respects third parties’ intellectual property rights. If you think that the rights of
your own work have been violated owing to an improper posting or distribution on the Web Site or
through the latter, you are kindly requested to inform us immediately in order to enable us to check and act
3. Trademarks
Trademarks, logos and service-marks displayed on this Web Site are owned by JIT Innovation technology’
and third parties. The commercial Web Site layout belongs to JIT innovation technology’. All marks which are
not owned by JIT Innovation technology’ are the property of their respective owners and are used upon
authorisation. No element in this Web Site can be interpreted by implication, impediment or else, as the
granting of a right or of a trading licence of Marks.
4. Privacy Protection and Safety Measures.
In order to operate on this site, to meet the user’s demands or allow the participation to some online
activities, JIT innovation technology’ must collect some information. Notwithstanding this, JIT Innovation
technology’’ respects its visitors’ privacy. Please click here to read our online privacy statement.
We have adopted safety measures against loss, improper use or alteration in compliance with law
regulations in order to protect the personal information under our control. Suppliers, service providers and
other parties who help us create this site and make our products and services available, must sign binding
privacy contracts according to which they are not allowed to use personal information, except for the
execution of the respective services for JIT Innovation technology’
5. Clause of Aquittance and Limitation of Liability
This Site may include some technical inaccuracy or other errors. The use and the surfing on the site are at
the user’s own risk. This Web Site is supplied “as it is” and “as long as it is available” with no kind of implicit
or explicit warranties whatsoever; this includes implied warranties of merchantability, fitness for a particular
purpose and non-infringement. JIT Innovation technology’’ makes no warranties about its Site meeting the
user’s expectations or the achievement of particular results. Nor that the Web Site will continue to operate
without interruptions or that its server is free of computer viruses or other destructive mechanisms. If your
use of the Web Site or of the Content results in the need for servicing or replacing equipment, hardware,
data or else, JIT Innovation technology’’ accepts no responsibility for those costs. Without limitation as
regards the previous clauses, in no event shall JIT Innovation technology’’ be liable for any damages
whatsoever including direct, indirect, incidental, consequential or punitive damages resulting from the use
of this Web Site. The clause of Acquittance and the limitations in this paragraph are an integral part of our
contract of supply as regards this Web Site. Mention has to be made of the fact that some jurisdictions do not
provide the exclusion of the implied warranties, in which case the exclusions referred to cannot be applied.
7. General Provisions
Compensation for Damage

The user commits himself to compensating, defending and keeping undamaged JIT Innovation
technology’’, its executives, employees, agents, business partners, licensors and licensees from
damages, obligations, costs and charges (including reasonable legal fees) as regards any claim, suit,
action, request or proceedings initiated or submitted against the above mentioned parties, or with respect to
investigations, defence or settlement arising from the use of this Web Site by the user.
Site and User’s Contract Revision
JIT Innovation technology’’ reserves the right, in its sole discretion, to cancel, suspend, modify or revise this
Web Site, its Content, activities, products and services available on it, with no limitation whatsoever. In its
sole discretion, JIT Innovation technology’’ is entitled to make changes on the User’s Contract updating or
adjusting it. The new terms and the new conditions will come into force on the day of their insertion on the
site. Continued use of this Web Site following any change constitutes your acceptance of the change
Jurisdiction, Territorial Competence and Alternative Settlement of Lawsuits

This Web Site, its Content and the User’s Contract are governed by the laws of Italy. For any legal
proceedings resulting from this Web Site, its content or the User’s Contract, which are not settled directly
between the user and JIT Innovation technology’’, the Court of Milan has sole jurisdiction.